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Summary of Mekong Sub Regional forum

Mekong Sub Regional forum on Climate Change Adaptation and Water Resources Management facilitated by the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) took place in August 2015, 2-4, as a part of the major activities of the SIDA projects. Over 110 participants attended in the forum, especially representative of 5 Medias and 86 CSOs representatives from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Yunnan Province in China.

The forum aims to update the regional cooperation and disseminate the results of local research and field activity related to climate change adaptation (CCA) and water resources management (WRM) in GMS countries. The Forum results would generate key information and guidelines relating CCA and WRM that would enhance ability, understanding and knowledge of the CSOs as well as to build a regional climate change network.

Under the theme Climate Change Adaptation and Water Resources Management’, participants addressed a series of topics, including the Women Role in Working for Climate Change Adaptation, Environmental Problems and Challenges for ASEAN, and Lesson Learned on Community Development, gender equality and Poverty. The participants also participated on the Panel Discussion in two topics: “Climate Change Impacts on Air Quality from the Global to Local Scales”, and “Business Approach towards Sustainable Management of Natural Resources”. Moreover, the participants have learning experiences from CSOs’ representatives in SIDA-funded projects such as;

Field Activity imprementing projects

No.CountryOrganizationProject Title
1 Vietnam The Center of Social Research and Development (CSRD) Raising awareness of climate change; reducing vulnerability to extreme weather; and implementing climate change adaptaton measures for poor and vulnerable communities in Thua Thien Hue province, central Vietnam
2 Thailand Water and Quality of Life Foundation (WQL) CSO's Vision and Direction towards Water Resource Management Facility, A lesson learn from the field activity
3 Cambodia Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) Promoting household organic farming system for climate change adaptation among subsistence farmers in the Mekong Flooded Forest, Cambodia
4 Vietnam Center for Climate Change Study in Central Vietnam (CCCSC) Scaling up and scaling out: An integrated rice farming system model for climate change adaptation in lowland rice production, Vietnam

 Local Research imprementing projects

No.CountryOrganizationProject Title
1 Laos Social Development Alliance
Association (SODA)
Study on Poverty, Gender and Ethnicity in Agriculture
and Water Reource Sector for the Nam Ngum River Basin

2 Thailand Living River Siam Association
Development of Cultural Fish Conservation Zone and Climate
Change Adaptation of Meking Local Communities
Cambodia  Centre for Development Oriented
Research in Agriculture and Livelihood
Systems (CENTDOR) 
How Farmers in Rainfed ecosystems make their livings under
the irregular rainfall conditions? 
4 Yunnan  Eco-Watch Institute (EWI)  Learning Indigenous Culture and Establishing Innovative
Water Saving Demontration for Coping with Drought
Disaster in Yunnan 
5 Yunnan  Yunnan Bamboo and Rattan Association
Research on the interaction between water resource
management, Climate Change and Local Livelihoods
at Xihu Lake, Dali, Yunnan 


After the forum wascompleted, all participants were received the opportunity to learn more about on Climate Change Adaptation and Water Resources Management, then have more understanding of the CSOs, and to provide a regional climate change network around the world as well as continue their researches or projects guidance.