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Download: Handbook for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment

How much our livelihood will change after any sized project in the Greater Mekong Sub-region, from large to small scaled, passes an approval? Which affect the project will bring to Villagers like us, better well-being or decline our life? We no need to suffer its negative impact from reality at its worst case scenario when it comes, because our right allows us to position in and participate along its conduction.     

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is our baseline protection. Public Participation in EIA helps us more comprehense, anticipate and dialogue with the Project owner and also general people to mitigate any negative impact at larger degree.

Handbook for Public Participation in EIA prepared by Thailand National Chapter, The Access Initiative (TAI), lets readers know your Citizens' Rights with public participation in Environmental and Natural Resources Management, basic in EIA process and also provide associated knowledge. the Objectives of the Handbook are as follows;

  • To disseminate knowledge and bring about more understanding regarding rightsand duties according to the law in terms of public participation in the process of an Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • To be beneficial to the utilization and prevention of citizens' rights.

Handbook digests difficult contents on Environmental Issues into simple language with colourful cartoon and that why the handbook would be attainable by everyone.